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NorthBay cardiologists specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Armed with the latest technology, our specialists treat a wide range of conditions from heart failure and coronary artery disease to valve disease and arrhythmias.

Our cardiologists work closely with a team of experts including cardiothoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons and highly specialized cardiac nurses and technologists.

NorthBay Medical Center is designated as a Chest Pain Center with PCI, Solano's heart attack treatment center and the destination for everyone in the central and northern parts of the county with sudden onset of chest pain.

Heart failure (HF) is a condition in which the heart has difficulty pumping blood through the body, causing the organs and tissues to go without the optimum amount of oxygen and nutrients that they need.

A change in the normal sequence of electrical impulses in the heart causing the heart to beat too fast, too slowly, or erratically.

A large number of cardiac procedures can be performed via catheter inserted into a large artery and fed into the heart, which is viewed with fluoroscopy, a type of x-ray. These minimally invasive procedures cause less pain and result in a faster recovery. This technique is performed in one of NorthBay’s cath labs, which has crews available around the clock to treat heart attacks and other cardiac emergencies

NorthBay cardiologists use pacemakers, or an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), to help control and treat abnormal heart rhythms. 

State-of-the-art diagnostic technology designed for rapid diagnosis of heart conditions.

At times, pacemaker and ICD leads (wires) that have been in place for many years can become attached to the heart and blood vessel walls. Using a minimally invasive procedure called laser lead extraction, NorthBay experts are able to cut through scar tissue allow the lead to be easily removed.

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Learn what heart-health screenings you may need from the American Heart Association.

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The American College of Cardiology has partnered with NorthBay Health to build an online education tool for our community regarding EHAC (Early Heart Attack Care). Register for this free course today and learn how early recognition can save hearts!

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