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Why NorthBay Orthopedics Urgent Care in Fairfield? Why NorthBay Orthopedics Urgent Care in Fairfield?

If you’re suffering from sudden, unexpected bone pain, joint pain or injury, our Orthopedic Urgent Care provides high quality care to patients when it is needed most. Call (707) 646-5599 to book an appointment for same-day urgent orthopedic care at the NorthBay Health Orthopedics in Fairfield.

NorthBay Urgent Care accepts the same insurance plans that allow you to see our primary care doctors. See our full list of accepted health plans:

Accepted Health Plans

For any questions related to your bill, please call (707) 646-3400 or email

NorthBay Urgent Care is proud to offer On-site X-Ray, Lab & Pharmacy at all our locations.

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