CPC Celebrates Patient’s 100th Birthday

It was the party of the century – literally – for Evelyn Dorish, of Vacaville, a patient at the Nut Tree North Center for Primary Care. 

On the day she turned 100, she was greeted with a “Birthday Girl” tiara, a silver sash, balloons, cake, flowers and lots of hugs from Dr. Kulbir Bajwa, Practice Manager Mary Jameson and dozens on the CPC team. 

“I’ve overwhelmed,” admitted Evelyn, before tucking into one of her favorite treats: chocolate cake. 

“This is the first time she’s had a proper birthday party,” said her daughter, Marie, who with brother Howard accompanied their mom to what she thought was a regular doctor’s appointment. 

Yes, she was surprised, even a little tearful, but gracious and grateful as she thanked the crowd that gathered in a decorated CPC conference room. 

Evelyn shared her secrets to a long life: “A lot of praying, meditating and walking. Listen to your doctor and obey the rules,” she added. 

Marie said her mom has had her share of health threats through the years. “Her ticker’s not perfect. She’s had gallbladder problems, a torn rotator cuff… but bless her heart, she’s always bounced back.” 

Evelyn credits it all to Dr. Bajwa. 

“I came in last week and my arm was bleeding,” she told the crowd. “I said to Dr. Bajwa, ‘I think I’m really going to die this time.’ She told me, “Evelyn, you’re going to be just fine.’ And you know what? She was right!”

Evelyn surrounded by the NorthBay clinical team and her family members, all giving thumbs up to the camera.